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Compassionate, Insightful, and Very Useful
My name is Ann King. There are a few Ann’s with special skills so I’m happy you were able to find me.

Please check my reviews on Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews in order to learn more about my work.


1. Psychic Reading  (Can include some or all of the following)
   - Medium (Communicates with dead people)
   - Channel (Allows information to flow through me from Guides)
   - Galactic  (Communicates with and channels beings in other dimensions) 
2. Tarot Card Reading
    - Many different decks
3. Energy Clearing
    - People
    - Places
    - Things
4. Energy Healing
    - restoring the energy body
    - clearing debris and emotional toxins
5. Alchemical Hypno-Therapy
    - Past life exploration
    - Blocks to developing intuition and psychic abilities
    - Discovering the reasons behind patterns


- Reiki Level 1 and Level 2
- Alchemical Hypno-Therapy (David Quigley)
- Enneagram Practitioner (Helen Palmer)
- Jungian Dream Interpretation (Dream Interpretation Practice)
- Chakra Balancing
- Altered States of Consciousness for Healing  (Tom Kenyon)
- Shambala method of meditation
​- Ayurvedic approach to mind/body/spirit (Chopra Center)

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Disclaimer: The content on this website and services provided, are subject to your interpretation. None of the services or content provided is to be used in place of professional medical advice.


Please check my reviews on Google Reviews andYelp Reviews in order to learn more about my work.

  • We recently had Ann over for a baby shower that I was hosting to do group readings as well as reading the mom to be and her baby’s energy. She was absolutely incredible! Everyone at the shower was fully entertained as well as blown away by her readings. I highly recommend Ann for spiritual/psychic readings as well as a fun service to offer at a party. Thank you Ann!!

    Julie S.
  • Ann went above and beyond to help me out. She is very kind and caring.  I learned more than I bargained for and Ann has also been able to help clear out the unwanted energy in my home. I highly recommend Ann!

    Amanda W.
  • I highly recommend Ann for spiritual/ psychic readings. as well as a fun Thank you Ann!!

    Julie S.
  • Ann was amazing! It truly was a great experience.  Ann is comforting and supportive yet honest. You could not ask for more. She made us both feel comfortable and brought up stuff that we both could relate to and will be helpful in our future. We loved her!

    Heather C.
  • I feel we will work together again in the future. Looking forward to it!

    Weston M.
  • Ann was a pleasure to work with. She was punctual, spent plenty of time with us, and genuinely cares. She even followed up after the appointment. I wouldn’t hesitate to book another session.

    Megan K.
  • Great personality with an ability to flow.  I would definitely recommend Ann.

  • I found Ann when I could not find myself. Her guidance and insights have helped me heal, explore and move into the light of my potential.

    Meeg Conroy
  • I met up with Ann in Seattle.  We had always talked by phone before that.  Ann has helped me to focus on my strengths and how to turn desires into goals I can achieve.

    Malia Kulp


Individual Phone/Skype Reading – $100/hr
Individual In-Person Reading – $150/hr
Group Reading; Up to 6 people – $200/hr
Party or Event – $400/half-day
Clearing – $150

Ann will begin by walking you through a brief opening and clearing and then she invites in some additional help. With your permission, Ann moves into your energy field where she can feel the shift of vibration as you talk about different topics.

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  • Provide 3 referrals in 12 months and receive a session FREE
  • Use live chat to request a dream interpretation before December 10 and get it FREE. If your dream is selected for a blog win a FREE session!
  • Denver locals: Once-a-month happy hour with a psychic FREE. Find dates and times on Energy Interactions’ Facebook page


February Insight

In the month of love I have seen many clients who were seeking insight around the topic of control.  More specifically: clients getting themselves into difficult situations because they attempted to control read more …

Inauguration Week

I have had many sessions recently with people who are feeling a little uncertain about the future. As a channel and instrument of God I often learn from listening to read more …

Dream Winner This Week

The dream winner this week would like to remain anonymous. The details: A woman meets her sister in a dream and they have a conversation about how the two of read more …

Interpreting Dreams on The Everyday Show

Dulcie Axworthy (Don’t you love this name?) is promoting the film SHUT IN on November 8th on Fox 31 during the Everyday Show with Chris Parente & Kathie J and read more …

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Free Dream Interpretation

I will be providing free dream interpretation until December 10 to anyone who contacts me via LIVE CHAT on my website. If I select your dream as an example to read more …

Tarot Reading – Answered!

Which Tarot Spread do you use? It’s different every time! I shuffle the cards and say the person’s name to myself until I feel the cards are ready. Then I read more …

When we met you conducted an opening procedure in silence before our session. Will you share what that is?

Sure.  I conduct it silently because I get self conscious about it in front of people but its not a secret.  It has simply evolved over time and it continues read more …

Do you talk to dead people?

I do. Although I don’t guarantee it as the dead have free will and manage their own schedules. It occurs naturally as part of many sessions. Sometimes, I am actually communicating read more …

Happy Hour with a Psychic?

It’s fun! People are often surprised that I’m “open” to a few friends coming over with a bottle of wine and having Psychic happy hour. Why not?  One group of read more …

You seem to get to the heart of what I need right now and I really understand things differently after a session with you. How do you do that?

First; thank you.  My intuitive abilities and psychic gifts don’t always feel like gifts but when I get feedback like yours I am inspired to learn more and keep working read more …


Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about my readings. Thanks for visiting!

Phone: 720 600 0111

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